Corporate Vase Exchange Program:

  • We pickup vases/planters for delivery to businesses, and pick-up the previous week's container(s).
  • The return container(s) are held in the driver's vehicle until next time the driver is picking up orders at your store.
  • Charge for container-return back to your store is $1.25 for up to 4 vases returned per location.
  • We have special Corporate Vase-return stickers for stores to fill out once, place a sticker on each container, and when the driver picks up the previous week's container(s), we swap the sticker from the new container to the old container, so we can keep track of these containers.
  • In the event that the vase or container is not being returned the same day to the florist shop, the driver has the option to dispose of the water in the vase (water begins to smell), and disgard the old flowers. If there is any special circumstance that you require to keep any of the flowers (ie. branches, decorations, etc.) then please fill out an "Update/Cancel Delivery Order" form, and make a note of this on the order form.
  • For weekly or bi-weekly corporate orders, we offer a $2 discount for the initial delivery to the location, for example if the list price is $12 to that location for a regular delivery, your cost will be $10, and for up to 4 vase/containers (of regular to large size). Oversize, or locations requiring an additional walk by the driver that takes more than 2 minutes time, may be subject to additional surcharge.
  • If you have a corporate "vase-return" order that is not weekly or bi-weekly, please book the order online as a regular delivery at least a day prior, and select the delivery item as "corporate vase-return".
  • Weekly or bi-weekly corporate orders will be ordered automatically, you do not need to enter the order every time. Simply fill out a "Delivery Request" form, and in the notes section, enter details with the repeat day of the order.
  • If a Weekly or bi-weekly corporate order is stopping for a week, for a longer period of time, permanently stopping, please fill out the "Update/Cancel Delivery Form".  
  • If a cancelled corporate order is starting up again at any point in time, as a one-time occurrence, or repeat occurrence, simply fill out the "Update/Cancel Delivery Form" again, and enter the details with the business name, start details, and any other details in the "notes" section of the form.
  • We understand that the containers for these corporate programs are recycled containers every or every other week, and as a result the containers can become brittle, unstable, or may break with regular care and handling.  We will not accept responsibility for damages caused by regular care and handling.  We ask the florists as well as our drivers to handle large arrangements by holding one hand under the container, and one on the side of the container.  
  • Please inspect containers for any damage ahead of time, and particularly for any broken glass.  We do not want our drivers to incur any cuts or injury as a result of damaged containers.  We will extend the same courtesy by asking our drivers to report to dispatch any damages so florist staff do not risk getting cut or injured.  
  • Any container that is deemed unsafe by the driver will be reported to dispatch and not delivered.
  • It is suggested that stores identify their corporate vases somehow, either a clear sticker with their store name, or a sticker at the bottom of the vase or container.  We have had situations where we are dropping off a corporate at a vase who is receiving flowers from two different flower shops at the same time.

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